EARTHIA COLOR NATHUE COMPLEX is a permanent, clean and vegan hair color. The perfect alchemy between technology and nature that focuses on hair care and beauty, to meet the needs of today’s consumers.

LAB37 laboratories have studied a versatile hair dye for BBCOS: a real system that allows each beauty salon to face daily professional challenges. The high naturalness index allows to express your own identity, even for those with skin sensitivity problems, by choosing the color that best reflects their femininity.

The chromatic shades of the earth inspire the color palettes with Earthia: the element that represents life, to emphasize the hair. The ten tone’s heights of the natural series, formulated with a cold color taste, give life to the color chart: a chromatic range that offers the possibility of ranging in the various sectors of the chromatic circle. From the sobriety of the coldest tones to the liveliness of the warmest shades: 81 shades and a range of palettes to satisfy the color scheme of every woman.

EARTHIA COLOR revolutionizes the color service in the hair salon: it becomes a real treatment, fragrant and pleasant, beneficial for the hair fiber that transforms the client’s look. The vegan creation of Earthia Color is composed of four active ingredients deriving from the earth: hemp, rice, microalgae Chlorella Vulgaris and white lupine.

the pluses

Made in Italy

Heart 100%
Made in Italy

External pack in recycled pape

External pack in recycled pape

not tested on animals

Product not tested
on animals

Vegan formula

Vegan formula
with no trace of
animal origin ingredients

Reduced risk of irritation and allergies

Reduced risk
of irritation and allergies

no added PPD

No added PPD

no added resorcine

No added

Product without ammonia

Product without ammonia

Dermatologically tested product

tested product

Nickel tested

Nickel tested

  • Heart 100% Made in Italy
  • External pack in recycled paper
  • Product not tested on animals
  • Vegan formula with no trace of animal origin ingredients
  • Reduced risk of irritation and allergies
  • No added PPD
  • No added resorcine
  • Product without ammonia
  • Dermatologically tested product
  • Nickel tested
100% gray hair coverage

It acts in depth for a complete coverage.

Perfect calibration of tone heights and color saturation

EARTHIA COLOR is formulated with the ratio MOLAR* > PRIMAR COLORING MOLES = SECONDARY COLORING MOLES. Primary colorants are all related to secondary colorants, consequently, the risks of sensitization and allergic reaction are minimized. The color performance, in terms of repeatability, guarantee of results, is maximized.

*MOLE = unit of measurement of the quantity of substance

Intense colors with excellent durability

The high quality micro-pigments ensure maximum intensity and durability of the color, with absolute brightness.

Versatile coloring system

From permanent to demi-permanent coloring (pH Level System) for tonalizing services, tone on tone, color-refresh, repigmentation.

Cold color taste

The origin of the natural color palettes follows a cold chromatic mood that, dissolving, touches the countless fantasy shades of the color circle.


Fragrance with particularly enveloping fruity notes, a delicate balance of sweetness and intensity.

The naturalness of color


The LAB37 laboratories have calculated the naturalness index of Nathue Complex determined by the percentage used in the formula of the ingredients obtained from raw materials of natural origin.


We have invested on our planet sustainability and in the environmental impact with research and experimentation to develop natural and clean formulations.

Nathue Complex

The continuous search for natural and cutting-edge solutions has allowed the LAB37 laboratories to formulate NATHUE COMPLEX* using substances derived from the earth subjected to processes of fermentation and enzymatic bioliquefaction ain order to keep their properties unaltered. The blend is synonymous of quality, rich in active ingredients highly similar to the hair fiber and scalp, designed to make the color service a real TREATMENT.

NATHUE COMPLEX has been specially created to work in synergy with the coloring base of EARTHIA and highlight its performance by developing two macro-effects: cosmeticity and well-being.

*Tested and certified by the University of Perugia.

Phytokeratin from hemp & rice

(Cosmos approved)

Phytokeratin from hemp and rice strengthens brittle hair, nourishing the skin. Hemp is the key element for a fortifying treatment. It nourishes the hair, giving new light and softness to the hair. Rice is an active ingredient rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants: it protects the damage caused by external agents and speeds up growth. The symbiosis of the two active ingredients is obtained through the enzymatic bio-liquefaction technology: the proteins are hydrolyzed and made akin to skin penetration, giving a strong fortifying activity to the hair.

Microalgae Chlorella Vulgaris & Lupinus Albus

(Cosmos approved)

The Microlga Chlorella Vulgaris is a green freshwater algae with regenerative capacity: it is rich in carbohydrate proteins, pigments, vitamins and minerals. Its main action is to deeply nourish the hair, giving it new light. The White Lupine promotes the growth of healthy and strong hair. It improves microcirculation offering relief to the scalp. Increases hair growth and slow hair loss. The fermentation process improves the performance of the active ingredients by exponentially increasing their action on the hair.

Overall performance summary chart

Tests of: hydration, combability and mechanical traction.

Graph showing the tensile strength

The graph shows the force curves applied by the traction machine as a function of hair lengthening. Phytokeratin is more effective than animal keratin and gives the hair greater elasticity and resistance.

The wellness in a single product

The tests carried out by the University of Perugia showed that:
  • after six applications, the hair treated with Earthia Color Nathue Complex appears to have lesser open cuticles, more aligned and uniform, highlighting a good restoration of the state of health.
  • It allows a high restructuring effect.
  • Reduces the porosity of the hair.
  • Reduces by 90% the amount of broken hair following combing.
  • It has a higher tensile strength.
  • The heavy metal search test revealed that they are absent or present in concentrations below the limit of detection.
  • Dermatological tests have shown the absence of a potential skin irritant action and the absence of allergic rations.